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Online Coaching

Tennis the World turns dedicated amateur players, into technically skilled, tactically smart, physically strong and mentally resilient individuals - anytime, anywhere, through the coach in your pocket.
Transform your game.
1-on-1 online coaching to consistently elevate your performance.

This is how we're going to ensure maximum growth


A holistic plan

Improve technically, tactically physically and mentally .

Each pillar is important, but

where should you focus on? 


Video analysis

You send in footage of your gameplay .

Tennis 2.0 - Harness the power of this amazing tool.


Reflection and adjustment

Reflect, make a plan and adjust.

This keeps you consistently working on the right things. Let's be honest, that can be quite challenging.

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How does it work and what do I get?

A plan for maximum growth

Feedback and exercises every week

Explanation about SwingVision (app)

Weekly contact via WhatsApp.


Video analysis

This is where the magic happens.

It's simple and incredibly effective.

Watch the video to learn about:

  • Easily recording...

  • Easily sharing...

  • And easily receiving feedback.

SwingVision + Faidue + Online Coaching = 🤯

A holistic plan

We kick off our coaching with an intake session.

This involves a video chat and a thorough analysis of one of your matches.


Starting from here, we can figure out your goals, identify your needs, and determine what areas we should focus on.


The key question isn't whether you should concentrate on technical, tactical, physical, or mental aspects. Instead, it's about how much of your energy should be dedicated to each aspect.

We believe in a holistic approach.


Our aim is to shape you into a well-rounded player:

Fit 💪

Skilled 🎾

Smart 🧠

Personal contact

Setting a goal and making short-term progress is easy.

Actually achieving your goals and consistently making sustainable progress is much harder.

Furthermore, you encounter enough during your matches and training that requires adjustments.

When you can spar with an expert, it brings you tremendous benefits.

Let's go! 🚀

Personal coaching
Who is your coach?

Hugo Straver van Tennis the World.jpeg

I'm Hugo Straver, owner of Tennis the World and the face behind all our channels, including our own PROgression-PROgram where we've assisted over 400 players with their game.

In 2018, I started as a coach and from the very beginning, I have been coaching driven adult players from beginner to intermediate tennis player.
All with the ambition of moving up a level.

Throughout these 4 years, I've also remained a practicing 'student',  to test what's needed and what can help achieve significant progress.

Additionally, I'm coached by several experts in the tennis and performance world.

My latest achievement is reaching level 3 after lingering around level 4/5 for years.

Growth is always possible!

Our offer


Online Coaching 

Perfect for those who want personal feedback with a goal-oriented plan for maximum growth.

Easily share videos with SwingVision, receive feedback in no time, and play better than ever.

Sending a video every week

for feedback

Get targeted exercises

Personalized guidance,

Cancelable monthly

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Do you like our approach?

Kees Groenewegen

The place to achieve progress in tennis!

The effort you put in will pay off double in terms of improvement!

A few words about Hugo: Personalized guidance, genuine involvement, and customized advice and exercises.


Eline Prins

Hugo is an incredibly inspiring and excellent coach! He's attentive to every participant and provides concrete feedback that stays with you even during a match, offering valuable takeaways.


Mark S

I had personal and accessible contact with Hugo from Tennis the World. The program gave me new insights, which significantly improved my tennis game and, as a result, my rating as well.

The place to achieve progress in tennis! 


Tennis the World is ideal for me, because I recently got back into tennis after a 10-year break.

It offers support in various aspects such as technique, tactics, mental preparation, physical fitness, training, and it is a tennis community with like-minded individuals whom you can even arrange to play with.

I recommend it to everyone 👍.

Keep up the good work;

I'll certainly continue using it 😉🎾🏆."

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